Still a stranger to her own body, a high school student discovers she has a physical advantage when she becomes the object of male violence. Starring Jess Weixler, John Hensley, Josh Pais, Hale Appleman, Ashley Springer, and Lenny Von Dohlan.

Winner Best Performance, Jess Weixler – Sundance Film Festival

Written and Directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein



Teeth Press Book


“Jaw-droppingly undefinable.” Sundance Festival Director 2007

“Twisted sex-education film, quasi-feminist fable, outrageous stunt. Mitchell Lichtenstein’s clever, crude comedy, TEETH is all these and more.”  New York Times

“TEETH is the most alarming cautionary tale for men since ‘Fatal Attraction.'” The Hollywood Reporter

“Guaranteed to make you squirm and scream.”

“One of the Top 10 political horror films of all time.”

“A clever and deftly handled horror comedy…” Filmmaker Magazine